Clubhouse, Wikipedia bias, human-like AI, women in history and flying with Jon Tugores

The flying episode.

Clubhouse’s Inevitability

Clubhouse will do for audio what Twitter, Instagram Stories, and TikTok did for text, images, and video.

The fact that Clubhouse makes it so easy to drop in and out of conversation is matched by how easy AirPods make it to drop into and out of audio-listening mode.

About 90% of the people who write Wikipedia are men.

A brilliant team of women is making sure that we have a place in greatest collection of knowledge in human history.

A New Artificial Intelligence Makes Mistakes—on Purpose

A chess program that learns from human error might be better at working with people or negotiating with them.

Instagram: Women that make history

It's time to get to know those women who made and make history by name.

The flying experience, take off from Barcelona

Brief video of Captain Jon Tugores flying the Airbus A320. Jon has flown several kind of aircraft in his career. From many kind of piston engine planes to jets such as the Fokker 100, and today enjoying the high tech A320 family. A319, 320 & 321.